Collezione Autunno/Inverno 2023


Romantica e Ribelle


Daniela Drei presenta la collezione Autunno – Inverno 2023: un distillato dell’estetica contemporanea riassunto in abiti dalle silhouette assolute e definite.
Tessuti effimeri, pattern animalier e volumi iper-femminili una sintesi dell’eleganza contaminata dai contrati ribelli.


Sensuality, seduction and daring silhouettes of Daniela Drei are reaffirmed in the everlasting elegance of black. Luminescent stones and sartorial laces are alternated between voluminous dresses and masculine-cut suits.

Timeless Black


The Beiges

Like a second skin. Neutral tones win among bold layering and soft silhouettes that are embraced with the radical elegance that has always characterized Daniela Drei knitwear.


Ultra Violet

Intense and vibrant, purple establishes itself as the color of fall. Romantic in the soft chiffon dress and eccentric in the velvet suit.


Zebra Print

The prevailing gene of the Daniela Drei aesthetic, the animalier pattern returns in a classic black and white combination: the zebra pattern.


Red, The new Pink

Strong and sensual, Daniela Drei opens the era of red by ousting the classic shocking pink from its throne. Red brings with it the maturity of an histrionic elegance and is able to vivify the most classic garments.

La nuova collezione

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