The Made in Italy that rewrites the past

Giovanna Padovani, foundress of the Daniela Drei brand, takes her first steps in the fashion world in a cultural environment of extraordinary artistic fervor and economic progress: the ’60s. The brand has in fact contributed to the rapid metamorphosis of Italian fashion system and spread master craftsmen of Italian knitwear all over the world.

After 30 years of success, there is a high creativity turn. Daniela Drei, firstborn of Mrs. Padovani takes the helm of the creative direction and brings a breath of fresh air: the total look. That’s why Daniela represents a new generation that picks up and expresses contemporary languages in each collection. Culturally and stylistically, Daniela has always been open to change and her intuition made her anticipate current tastes and trends every time.

The new era of the brand moves in two precise directions: the return to the origins rediscovering the values of business Heritage, and the look to the future, aiming at expanding into international markets like Europe, North America and Asia, and strengthening marketing, management and customer focus.

A family history that makes the past the key to rewrite the present and build a future.